Teaching Academy

Breath some fire into your golf game!
Dragon’s Fire Golf Club offers comprehensive instruction and training programs. Learn the basic fundamentals or advanced instruction which can be customized to work on all aspects of your game. Playing lessons and advanced putting lessons are also available.

Teaching Philosophy

Based on the teachings George Knudson and The Natural Swing, our Academy will provide you with the understanding of what causes both good and bad shots. The goal of the Academy is provide students, of all skill levels, the necessary knowledge which produces consistent shots with the desired distance, direction and trajectory.

Instruction will focus on the proper starting and finishing positions as the keys to everyones’ development. Effective changes come with a complete understanding of what you are attempting to do.

Join us on the lesson tee to have your best golf season ever!

Lesson Pricing*

Series of 3   $230
Series of 5   $350
Semi-Private (2 people)    
Series of 3 (each)   $178
Series of 5 (each)   $275
Clinics   $160
9 Hole Playing Lesson   $165
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All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Please contact us in the Pro Shop at 905-690-0069 or email