Dragon's Fire Management Team

Bryan DeCunha - Owner

Bryan DeCunhaThe birth of Dragon’s Fire GC is directly linked to Bryan’s entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for the game of golf. He picked up the game in the mid 1970s as a way of doing business and building those relationships. Since that time, the game has gripped his soul for both the good rounds and the ones he would sooner forget. For Bryan it has always been more than a game. It has been a personal challenge to improve from one day to the next. The other main reason for his love of the game is its natural beauty – time enjoyed walking fairways surrounded by trees, streams, wetlands, a summer breeze or the setting sun. It’s also one of the driving forces behind his decision to build Dragon’s Fire. Bryan first became involved in golf course development with the construction of Royal Ontario Golf Club. After having been the managing partner for four years, he sold his share in 2006. With the completion of Dragon’s Fire, he has fulfilled his goal of building a ‘no compromise’ high end golf facility to cater to public golfers at all levels, at a reasonable price.