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1st Hole, par 4

Hole 1

Framed by mature maples, mountain ash and spruce trees, the opening hole at Dragon’s Fire GC is designed to get the players out fast and on a good note. At 342 yards from the tips this par-4 is sure to tempt many players to go for it, but be aware: the hole plays uphill and longer than the yardage indicates. Deep bunkers guard the right side short of the green and shots missed left may find a thick stand of maples. Off the tee, a well-struck wood, utility club or long iron favoring the left side of the wide fairway will take all hazards out of play and leave a short approach shot to a large, open green. Do not let the idyllic remnants of the old barn adjacent to the landing area distract you! Be aggressive with short pins, but beware of the long ones – as the right side of the green is shallow, well protected and slopes away. Play this hole smart and you will be looking at a birdie.

2nd Hole, par 3

Hole 2

The par-3 second hole is sure to grab your attention. At 228 yards from the back and 180 yards from the men’s, guarded by large, beautifully defined bunkers on each side, this hole looks stunning yet very intimidating. But fear not – the very large, gently undulated green slopes back to front and will accept most shots. The cross bunker in front of the green is well short of the putting surface and leaves plenty of space to allow for run-up shots to the wide open front of the green. Trust the yardage on this hole, not your eyes and fire away with confidence. Par here is a good score.

3rd Hole, par 4

Hole 3

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

The third hole is a classic risk-reward, gentle dogleg left par-4 with a well-protected landing area. This slightly uphill hole looks narrower than it is and the bunkers guarding the corner are closer than they appear to the eye. A well hit tee shot hugging the right side trees and carrying the bunkers or a draw around them will put you in a perfect position for your approach shot to the large green. Miss right and the hole will be much tougher, as it plays longer and you will find deep bunkers guarding the green from this angle. Leaving your approach shot below the pin is critical as the green slopes mightily fr om back to front. Accuracy off the tee is crucial and w ill definitely provide a birdie opportunity.

4th Hole, par 4

Hole 4

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

At 422 yards from the back deck and falling away from the player, the fourth is a great driving hole. A power fade hit at the fairway bunker will catch the slope and roll for ever leaving you with a wedge in your hands for your approach shot and a good look at a birdie. A shot too far to the right and you will find yourself blocked by the tree hedgerow guarding the landing area and having to make a difficult decision. The green site looks awesome from the landing area, but do not be fooled by its beauty. Stay focused as the green is small and the left half is shallow, making it hard to hold. A high shot with a soft landing is a must here. Approaches missed left or long will be penalized!

5th Hole, par 4

Hole 5

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

At 474 yards from the tips this is a monster of a two-shot hole and as honest as they come. What you see through the narrow tree chute off the elevated tees is what you get – a straight away, stunning hole that rewards a well hit, gentle draw. For a good look at the huge green, favor the left side of the fairway tucked behind the cross bunkers. Missing right off the tee will leave you amidst towering basswood trees with no option but punching your ball back on the fairway. The green is deep and will receive low running shots, but the best play is a high fade around the right bunker short of the green. The left greenside bunker is there to save misses to the left from rolling into the wet land! A word of advice – if you don’t hit one of your best drives off the tee, treat the hole with respect, lay-up and try to make par the hard way or take a bogey as a good score.

6th Hole, par 4

Hole 6

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

A very subtle hole hugged by the environmentally protected marshes along the entire right side. This 4 16-yard, par-4 presents a birdie opportunity and calls for an aggressive shot off the tee. The ideal drive will come to rest on the fairway just short of the left fairway bunker leaving a short iron shot into a long, diagonal green that slopes away. If you miss right with the driver, you still have a chance to find a piece of the huge fairway that you do not see off the tee. From this angle the green is shallow, your view of it will be blocked and your approach shot has to clear the corner of the woodlot. The secluded green is gently contoured and you will need to read it carefully.

7th Hole, par 5

Hole 7

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

The first of two consecutive par-5s, the 522-yard 7th hole plays uphill and is one of the tightest driving holes on the course. Aim between the two fairway bunkers and fire away. If your drive finds the fairway framed by shrubbery on the left and magnificent specimen trees on the right, going for the green in two will definitely be an option. The cross-bunker front right of the green appears closer to the green than it is and the large green will hold long shots. If you are not a long hitter, play a fairway wood off the tee for accuracy and lay up short of the cross bunker. You will still have a chance at a birdie and will definitely avoid a big number on the scorecard.

8th Hole, par 5

Hole 8

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

This striking par-5 measures 576 yards from the tips and is the only hole on the course completely surrounded by evergreen trees for a different look and feel. The massive fairway with sweeping contours looks very inviting off the tees. Challenging the right side bunkers and hitting the right-center of the fairway may provide extra roll enabling you to go for the green. It can also get you in trouble, as the spruce grove is very thick. The left side of fairway is a safer bet, if you play the hole as a three-shatter. Plenty of fairway to miss right on your second shot, but if you can’t carry the left side bunkers it may be better to lay up short of them for a better angle at the long, but slippery green that’s guarded by bunkers. Stop for a second and enjoy the beautiful views from the green.

9th Hole, par 3

Hole 9

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

A magnificent one-shatter to finish the front nine that plays 192 yards off the elevated tees over water. Take your time to enjoy the view, but pay attention to the wind and the pin placement. The green is diagonal. The further right you aim the longer your carry. It slopes back to front and will hold your shot, but if the wind is in your face, favor the left side as up and down from short left is very doable and the carry there is short. Missing in the left bunkers could spell trouble as the green slopes away towards the water. Be warned, going at a far right pin is never a good idea as the green is very shallow there and any misses will be severely penalized. The putting surface is well contoured and requires a fine touch with the flat stick.

10th Hole, par 4

Hole 10

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

The back nine opens with a very strong par-4. At 468 yards from the tips, it is a must to challenge the right side of the fairway bunkers as playing it safe to the right of them will leave you with a long shot from a tough angle. The green is large, but holding it with a long club will be a challenge. Missing left off the tee will not allow you to go for the green at all. Leaving your approach shot in the green side bunkers is better than missing long right, where water awaits and you will be hitting a recovery shot to a green that slopes away. Par is a great score on this beautiful, but tough par-4.

11th Hole, par 4

Hole 11

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

From the elevated tees you will see endless sky and grasp the landing area of a fairway that runs quickly down and away from you. The hole puts premium on driving and the ideal tee shot on this 435-yard, par-4 would be a power fade started at the left center of the fairway. A long drive will catch the slope and keep rolling, leaving you delighted to have a wedge shot for your approach and thinking of a birdie. If your drive ends at the top of the fairway, you will need to hit a mid iron into a very shallow green. Account for the elevation change, as you definitely do not want to miss long. The hole will yield low scores so try to take advantage of it.

12th Hole, par 3

Hole 12

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

At 204 yards from the back, this par-3 looks unassuming and harmless. Most of its green is hidden behind the greenside bunkers to the left and you have to navigate your ball through a narrow tree chute. Pay attention to the wind, as you may not feel it on the tee, protected by the trees. A gentle draw around the bunkers is your best bet on this hole. If you are to miss, short right is an option as there is plenty of bail out room that is not visible from the tees. An up and down is quite possible. The green is relatively small and gently undulated making it hard to read.

13th Hole, par 5

Hole 13

As one of the longest par-5s in the province this breathtaking 660-yard, par-5 plays steadily uphill to the green and is a true three shooter even for the longest hitters. An ideal drive off the tee will hug the fairway bunkers or ending just short of them. From here it is easier to position your second shot right of the Oak tree that bisects the fairway without having to carry the right fairway bunkers. This will afford you a clear view of the green and the best angle for your approach shot. Hitting the fairway left of the Oak tree will leave you with a blocked view to an angled green, bringing into play the pine trees short and the bunker to the right. Finding the fairway bunkers on your second shot will be an automatic penalty shot as you can’t reach the green from there. The green is well contoured. Leaving yourself short-­sided is not advisable. The dragon breathes a steady stream of fire on this hole, so be happy if you make par.

14th Hole, par 3

Hole 14

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

The panoramic countryside vistas from the back tees are truly captivating. At 235 yards from the tips to the elevated green, this classic looking par-3 is hardly a place to let your guard down. With bunkers guarding both sides of the green and leaving a somewhat narrow opening for a run up shot the best play here is a high, soft-landing shot. You can be aggressive when the pin is cut middle or on the right side as the green is deeper and will receive most shots. Be cautious though with left pins, as the green is shallow. Going for the middle instead is a smarter choice. The large, intricately contoured green will challenge your putter, but if you hit the green par should not be a problem.

15th Hole, par 4

Hole 15

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

Here is a chance to make up some ground if you find yourself trailing to this point. This beautifully sculpted par-4 is only 312 yards long from the tips, plays downhill and presents an eagle opportunity. Aim at the left greenside bunker and blast a power fade if you are planning to have an eagle putt. If not, you may choose to place a wood shot in the opening between the bunkers to the right and the large maple trees on the left, or lay up to the widest part of the fairway, short of the bunkers with a mid to long iron. If the wind is hurting going for the green off the tee is risky and any misses in the ash trees hamlet to the right will yield a bogey or worse. Be careful not to spin your approach shot off the sloped green and try to leave the ball below the pin for a good look at a birdie. It could prove to be a very memorable hole, if you challenge it!

16th Hole, par 5

Hole 16

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

Dragon’s Fire has a fiery par-5, par-3, par-5 finish that starts with an uphill par-5 measuring 585 yards off the back. It is a tough driving hole with a landing area flanked by trees on both sides. A good tee shot will hug the right fairway bunkers, find the fairway and provide an opportunity to challenge the green or at least get closer to it with your second shot. Hitting the left side of the fairway will force you to carry the fairway bunkers guarding the access to the green or to go right, from where you will be faced with a less than ideal approach shot to an angled green, protected by bunkers. The very large and deep green is receptive and quietly contoured making it hard to read, but birdies are definitely a possibility here.

17th Hole, par 3

Hole 17

The view from the elevated tees on the par-3, 17th is sure to get your heart racing. An island green this is not. But surrounded by water on three sides with a large bunker protecting most of the rest, the huge green on this 184-yard single-shotter appears to be the size of a postage stamp. The 18th fairway and bunkers in distance look spectacular, but stay focused and pay attention to the winds. As a rule of thumb, the further left you aim the deeper and more receptive the green will be. Far right pin is a no-no even for the best of players. The faint at heart should always aim at the bunker regardless of where the pin is, as the carry is shorter and the severely sloped fairway will bounce the ball onto the green. This is where the fun begins, as being on the green a lone does not guarantee par or better. It is easy to three-putt on this large, sloped green if you misread it or misjudged the speed. Surviving this hole is a key to a good finish.

18th Hole, par 5

Hole 18

Dragon's Fire Golf Club

The home hole at Dragon’s Fire GC is a magnificent risk-reward, reachable par-5. It’s a slight 528-yard dogleg right with a large pond protecting the entire right side. You don’t have to carry water off the tee to gain an advantage, but you definitely have to flirt with it. Going over the right side fairway bunker will positively allow you to go for the green in two, but the further left you aim the longer your second shot will be and you may even catch the back bunkers. If you lay up, you have to decide if you want to go close to the green and bring into play the left side bunker or play short of it. The undulated green slopes a great deal from back to front and will accept long shots, but make sure to leave your ball below the pin, as downhill putts will be very slippery. It’s a great finishing hole to end any round at Dragon’s Fire and the perfect spot to settle the score with your playing buddies.

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I love coming here, it feels like a home / member course... everyone is friendly, pro shop, starter, player assistants on the course and the drink cart team, especially Jen. The layout is fair, playable from many different tee decks, this track is always in immaculate condition.

Mike McReavy

Excellent course. Very tough but fair. Staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable. I would definitely play again and reccomend to anyone.

Sean Rowland

Hard to find a more private course. Very friendly staff and great food. I wish I lived closer to this place.

Kevin Crompton

Reasonable green fees. Great course with some challenging holes. Mature trees along fairways provide some shade on the hot days. Excellent value. This is an under-rated golf course in my opinion.


Well played course.. long hold ..good look to the greens.....

Nigel Harris

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